How to get a roleplay!

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How to get a roleplay!

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:26 pm

Hello there!
Looks like you want to introduce your own roleplay to this forum!
Well, there's just a few things we need to go over first.
I've got a few rules regarding new roleplays.

First and foremost, the basic rules I have set up for this entire website must be followed in all roleplays, across the board. I have set the absolute bare minimum I think is needed, although most of it is common sense, and other parts are just easy to follow. Hopefully you've been following those rules since you joined, because if that is so, then we are already on good terms!

Secondly, approach me! Come to me with your roleplay idea. I'd love to see then all : 3 plus, I need to make a category for you to place it in and stuff! Bring me your idea and the name of it so we can discuss it. I'll probably add a little form somewhere later on for people to fill out to request such things. Right now I'm just getting this together first!

Third, have fun! I will be watching everything on the site, helping moderate everything, make sure people aren't being spoil sports. But all in all, I want you to have fun with your roleplay and your roleplayers.


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