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    This is called a Category! Only the Admin can create Categories. If you wish to start up a roleplay of your own, please alert the Admin and they will make a Category for you, with the roleplay name! The roleplay creator will be primarily in charge of their own roleplay Category and subsequent threads within. In each Category, you should have the main roleplay thread, an ooc thread, and a profiles thread. Whether you do one single profile thread for all the characters, or allow each person to make their own extended profiles, all profiles associated with a roleplay must be in their roleplay's category. Any 1x1's related to the roleplay should be placed in the roleplay's Category as well, but just double check with the creator of the roleplay to make sure 1x1's are all right. We can't all just go making a hundred threads under the main Category and clutter it all up xD That being said, when creating the main thread and ooc threads (and profile thread if it is one big thread) the creator should sticky them so that they stay at the top at all times, just in case they do allow 1x1's in the Category, so the main/ooc/profiles don't get lost.
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